Sunday, March 11, 2012

Billy Blanks: Billy's BootCamp Box Set

DOWNLOAD: Billy Blanks: Billy's BootCamp Box Set

Billy Blanks : Billy's BootCamp Box Set (3 Videos)
English| 54:22+54:40+35:25 | 1.65Gb
Genre: Video Training

Billy Blanks, the first cause of Tae Bo, presents his thunderbolt-new, latest and greatest workout method: Billy's BootCamp. Billy bequeath motivate you to Blast into Shape in 7 Days and completely convert your body and your mind!

Billy's BootCamp is a complete fitness system that consists of 3 miraculous new workouts combined to create a fruitful blasting muscle toning program. Whether you're a starter or already one of the millions of Billy Blanks followers, BootCamp is the best workout series for any level!

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